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Edward Stringham

Rate Cuts Coming But Why? Stringham on Yahoo (Video)

Edward Stringham speaks on Yahoo Finance on the strange timing of the Fed’s interest rate moves. 


Robert Hughes

Economy Expected to Have Added 156,000 Private Sector Jobs in July

ADP estimates 156,000 new jobs were created in July. Overall, the labor market remains solid, and while uncertainty over trade and monetary policy remain, the most likely path is for continued expansion.


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Taleed Brown

Wages for Men and Women Soccer Players Explained (Video)

The US women’s national team have claimed their second consecutive World Cup. Exciting fans with a brilliant run throughout the season. Unfortunately, the celebration of female accomplishment cannot exist without being shadowed by the fake gender war politics of the current year.


Guest Contributor

Is There Such a Thing as a Free-Market Gold Standard?

Although the multiplication of national gold standards that gave rise to the classical gold standard was partly accidental and partly the outcome of deliberate legislation, market forces also played an important part in it.


milton friedman
Art Carden

Milton Friedman: A Birthday Appreciation

Milton Friedman was the very model of a careful thinker, a first-rate scholar, and a clear communicator. He left an intellectual and institutional legacy that will be often imitated but likely never equaled. Our world is better because he was with us.


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