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Donald J. Boudreaux

President Trump’s Bargaining Prowess Is a Liability, Not an Asset

When aggression is military, each government attempts to protect its citizens from that which is unleashed by foreigners. But when aggression is economic, it is unleashed by each government against its own citizens. 


Michael Munger

Anti-Market Atavism Explained

Moral norms that served small bands of humans well 10,000 years ago — share, cooperate, punish anyone who violates the rules — are no longer very good at helping people navigate commercial society.  Ask someone about price-gouging laws, or kidney sales, or generally talk about the role of price as an indispensable signal of scarcity. Most people will get upset.


Jeffrey Tucker

Thanks to Capitalism, You Can Now Sleep Sitting Up

This pillow is not only a tribute to good engineering and good sense; it is a credit to a commercial system that enables and rewards innovation in service of the better life.


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