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Randall Holcombe

It’s Time to End the Covid Mandates

“It is time to set aside ‘temporary’ emergency policies. A year and a half of restrictions on individual liberty is too long, has given the government too much power, and has set a bad precedent that is likely to have negative effects on our liberties down the road.” ~ Randall G. Holcombe


Robert Hughes

Consumer Spending Drives Economic Recovery in the Second Quarter

“The U.S. economy posted another strong quarter of growth, led by consumer spending. The outlook remains favorable but the Delta variant, accelerating consumer price increases from material shortages, labor and logistical issues, and potential changes to monetary and fiscal policies are keeping uncertainty elevated.” – Robert Hughes


Christopher Lingle

Scientific Authoritarianism Erodes Private Property and Human Liberty

“Scientists that seek to present a unified and authoritative voice or are guided by partisan interests should not be trusted when they opine on ‘public health’ or the natural environment. Resisting the advance of scientific authoritarianism has become the front line for the protection of human liberty and the sanctity of private property.” ~ Christopher Lingle


Ethan Yang

Federal Court Rules Against Closing Private Schools

“The Court’s ruling was a long-overdue check on the egos of California’s leaders who, through the entire pandemic, treated its citizens like lab rats. Its lockdown policies have been the most severe and the most arbitrary, paying little attention to evidence or the law.” ~ Ethan Yang


Alexander W. Salter

Is Inflation Really a Problem?

“Inflation has real costs when it’s unpredictable. We want monetary institutions to keep generalized price increases on a steady, anticipable path. Since central banks often go out of their way not to be understood, we might have a valid complaint against them after all.” ~ Alexander W. Salter


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