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Robert E. Wright

History Lessons: The Case Against Regulating ESG Ratings Agencies

“This history lesson strongly suggests to us that security regulators should refrain from endorsing any particular ESG metric. Sadly, security regulators around the world appear to be intent on repeating the mistakes made by the SEC in the 1970s.” ~ Robert E. Wright & Andrew Smith


Ethan Yang

The Case For Diplomacy and Engagement Over Brinkmanship

“We must light the way with our example through engagement, trade, and a commitment to walking what we talk. With darkness and chaos on the rise in every corner of the globe, we must feed the flame of liberty and broadcast it across the night, not shut it off.” ~ Ethan Yang


John Tamny

$9 Reading Glasses, $16 Sunscreen, and the Genius of Economic Growth

“‘Green’ is generally expensive. That’s ok, but we generally will only swallow big expenses like $16 sunscreen if we feel we have the means to swallow these expenses. In short, ‘green’ living and energy are most likely to thrive in a real market if and when Americans have the means to pay more for what’s ‘cleaner.'” ~ John Tamny


Richard M. Ebeling

More Government Debt as Far as the Fiscal Eye Can See

“What is the ethics, James Buchanan asked, of a fiscal system under which incentives exist and come into play that enable the current generation of taxpayers and recipients of government programs to shift part of the burden to pay for them to future generations?” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Donald J. Boudreaux

The Invisible Hand Relies Upon Visible Prices

“Prices are among the visible results of the invisible hand’s successful operation, as well as the single most important source of this success. The market’s invisible hand, in short, alone makes possible – yet equally depends upon – visible market prices.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


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