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Jeffrey Tucker

The Bloodless Political Class and Its Lack of Empathy

“Power is dangerous even when not used, but deploying it brutally and pointlessly rots the soul. This is a good description of almost the entire ruling class around the world today, save a few civilized countries that never locked down.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Robert Hughes

New Durable-Goods Orders Rise Again in June

Manufacturers’ new orders for durable goods rose again in June, showing that easing government restrictions should lead to economic recovery, but resurging COVID-19 increases risks.


gold bars
Richard M. Ebeling

Gold and Free Banking versus Central Banking

“In the absence of government regulation and monopoly control, a free monetary and banking system would exist; it would not have to be created, designed, or supported. A market-based system would naturally emerge, take form, and develop out of the prior system of monetary central planning.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Donald J. Boudreaux

Three Ways that Workers Can Be Underpaid

“The bottom line is clear: government is the largest cause of worker underpayment and open, free markets for labor are the best protection against any kind of underpayment.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


harvard spring
Jay Schalin

Restoring Our Troubled Academy

” Shared governance has produced an educational and political crisis. As long as the faculty and top administrators are in charge, the academy will continue to be wasteful, self-serving, and inappropriately political. Change must come from above, where the board is supposed to be.” ~ Jay Schalin


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