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Robert Hughes

New Home Sales Jump to the Highest Level Since 2007

Sales of new single-family homes rose to a 12-year high as low mortgage rates support increased demand.


Wayne Brough

In Praise of Evasive Entrepreneurs

“Evasive Entrepreneurs is a welcome contribution that provides great insights into the regulatory process and the need to protect permissionless innovation. For Thierer, innovation matters because it feeds the engine of economic growth and plays a key role in expanding liberty. But, as he concludes, ‘we will only attain that goal by vociferously defending the freedom to innovate and the entrepreneurial spirit that propels the progress of our civilization.'” ~ Wayne T. Brough


Daniel Klein

The Make-‘Em-Miserable Hypothesis

“If a careful formulation of the make-em-miserable hypothesis contains an element of truth, correction must come from those whose conduct manifests the phenomenon. They must look carefully, they must look bravely, into what Ronald Coase called ‘the total effect’ of their conduct and beliefs.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


Robert E. Wright

The Latest Investment Fad Is Unsustainable

“Just as Greens can destroy the environment, corporate social responsibility can wreck society while tricking ESG investors to feel good about themselves in the process.” ~ Robert E. Wright


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