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Michael Peterson

Why Government Lockdowns Mostly Harm the Poor

“These irresponsible government actions are especially acute and more harmful in developing countries and among the poor because most workers can’t afford to sacrifice weeks or perhaps months of income, only to be confined to what is effectively house arrest.” ~ Michael N. Peterson


David Crego

A Different Perspective on Cancel Culture

“Cancel culture may be such a controversial phrase that cannot be salvaged, but the idea that we should ostracize those who unjustly challenge the public order is necessary for a civil society.” ~ David Crego


William J. Luther

Will Cash Soon Be Obsolete?

“Perhaps these trends will reverse. But it seems more likely that the reports of the forthcoming death of cash have been greatly exaggerated––that is, so long as the government doesn’t kill it.” ~ William J. Luther


Robert E. Wright

Owl Creek Bridge Redux?

“Sometimes I feel like the entire world is in its final throes as humanity’s storyline becomes increasingly surreal. Judging by how often I hear other people say ‘unbelievable,’ ‘beyond belief,’ or ‘incredible,’ many others seem to feel likewise.” ~ Robert E. Wright


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