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Robert Hughes

Existing-Home Sales Rebound in June; Inventory Remains Tight

Existing-home sales rebounded in June, but the outlook remains highly uncertain.


seat belts
Vincent Geloso

Masks, Seatbelts, and Peltzman Effects

“A dose of humility on the part of policy-makers and pundits regarding their abilities would be welcomed. This dose of humility might push them to consider what potentially superior ways of dealing with the outbreak exist.” ~ Vincent Geloso


Joakim Book

Welcome to the Frankfurtian World

“Wherever one turns, the political discourse seems entirely uninterested in the Enlightenment project – the values of 17th and 18th century philosophers imploring us to use reason to approach scientific truth and an intelligent and civil society.” ~ Joakim Book


handicap parking
James Bovard

After 30 Years, Did the Disabilities Act Work?

“The ADA’s absurdities and ritualized legal racketeering are occurring in an era when Americans have become far more humane, rational, and compassionate towards the disabled. It is time to end the flying kangaroos, college testing scams, and torpedoed websites and to finally curb the parasite lawyers.” ~ James Brovard


federal reserve
Thomas L. Hogan

The Fed Can’t Make Pi

“Changing the value of pi would be a disaster for physics, engineering, and architecture. Changing the definition of liquidity would be a disaster for the economy.” ~ Thomas L. Hogan


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