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Robert Hughes

Weekly Initial Claims Rise to an Eight-Month High

“Weekly initial claims rose again, extending the recent upward trend. The combination of sustained elevated rates of price increases and softening labor market are becoming a major risk for the economic outlook.” ~ Robert Hughes


Thomas L. Hogan

Is the Fed Finally Serious About Inflation?

“Chair Powell has repeatedly claimed that the Fed will use its tools to create price stability. Will he and other Fed officials finally bring inflation back toward their stated two percent target?” ~ Thomas L. Hogan


Donald J. Boudreaux

On the Negative Consequences of Price Floors

“As with price ceilings, if more people understood the full economic consequences of price floors, public support for the especially pernicious piece of legislation called ‘the minimum wage’ would plummet.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Llewellyn King

If You Want To Get Climate Serious, Get Nuclear Serious

“Utilities are having to produce more electricity while giving up coal and gas to do it. Nuclear is the strong third leg of the future electricity stool.” ~ Llewellyn King


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