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Daniel Klein

The Bad and the Very Bad

“Tocqueville wrote Democracy in America in the hope of preventing the death of liberal civilization. For Tocqueville, liberal civilization was a somewhere to be defended by its sons and daughters. Throughout his famous work, he expresses hope. Heeding his warning enhances our prospects.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


Christopher Lingle

Can Antitrust Action Against Tech Giants Make the World Better Off?

“In passing judgment on the antitrust legislation that bears his name, Senator John Sherman might have done to American businesses and consumers what his elder brother General William T. Sherman did for the immediate well-being of Atlanta.” ~ Christopher Lingle


Adam Creighton

Suppression Plans Straight From CCP Play Book

“Perhaps we have advanced as a society since those pandemic plans of 2019? If so, it’s towards a more authoritarian, controlling future. As part of its 100th anniversary celebrations this year, the Chinese Communist Party might count the successful export of disease management.” ~ Adam Creighton


James L. Caton

Why is Monetary Policy Focusing on the Overnight Lending Market?

“Borrowing in the overnight lending market allows for the Federal Reserve to access a larger pool of funds from a diversity of financial institutions. As a result, the Fed can borrow these funds at lower rates and avoid attracting negative attention that would be generated by an increase in the interest rate target and the interest rate paid on reserves.” ~ James L. Caton


Barry Brownstein

Why “Good” People Enable Totalitarians

“Forces are acting to paralyze the human spirit. We should deceive ourselves no longer. Without the consent and assistance of good people, totalitarians have no power. Governments, Mises warned, ‘become liberal only when forced to by the citizens.'” ~ Barry Brownstein


John Tamny

Richard Branson’s Genius and Putting the Rich First

“The only question about the tomorrow in this story is whether or not there will be money to make space travel affordable. This question will be answered more clearly, and to all of our betterment, if the rich are rightly moved to the front of the line to the certain detriment of grasping politicians.” ~ John Tamny


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