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Robert Hughes

Single-Family Home Construction Retreat Continued in June

“Housing starts and permits fell in June as demand weakened. Plunging homebuilder sentiment suggests a deteriorating outlook for housing.” ~ Robert Hughes


Jon Sanders

Are You in a State of Emergency? Mid-July 2022 COVID Threat-Free Update

“It must be hard to keep people ruled by fear of a variant ‘BA.5’ when the much more worrisome numbers impacting their lives and family are $5 gasoline and 9.1 percent inflation.” ~ Jon Sanders


Robert E. Wright

Liberty and the Power of the Purse

“The colonists ripped the British Empire apart to combat what they considered political slavery, and Southerners tried to do likewise to the U.S. Republic to maintain chattel slavery. Liberty again hangs by the purse strings and by no means must it prevail.” ~ Robert E. Wright


John Tamny

If Republicans Won’t Be the Party of Business, What Will They Be?

“Republican support of Sen. Klobuchar’s bill is indefensible, and it raises a basic question of what Republicans will be if they’re not going to be the Party of business and achievement.” ~ John Tamny


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