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Raymond C. Niles

End the Gasoline Crisis: Try Motivation by Love, Not Fear

“It is time to unleash the market to produce more, rather than excoriate the oil producers. Try some motivation by love, President Biden, not motivation by fear.” ~ Raymond C. Niles


Gary Galles

Association, Causation, Expectations, and Caveat Civis

“We must recognize that in our current circumstances, honesty requires any serious answer (at least part) to involve ‘it depends,’ not the plethora of ‘trust me; follow my plan, because I know what to do’ from beltway snake oil salesmen.” ~ Gary M. Galles


Caleb Fuller

Will Google Ever Lose Its Monopoly?

“When Google fades into the history books, it won’t likely be due to actions taken in Washington. It will be due to the foresighted behavior of someone somewhere digitally tinkering in a garage. You know—the way Google did it.” ~ Caleb S. Fuller


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