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When Government Fails, Communities Take Care of Themselves

In the early- and mid-20th century, systemic racism often meant that African American communities were excluded from government welfare programs. In the face of this injustice, we see numerous examples of communities stepping up to take care of each other when government officials turned the other way.


Art Carden

The Past Is a Nice Place to Visit. You Wouldn’t Want to Live There.

Should we study and learn from the past? Of course we should. Should we yearn for the past, seek to return there, and perhaps undo the progress of the last several centuries? Of course we shouldn’t.


Richard M. Ebeling

Simon Newcomb and the Let-Alone Principle

Simon Newcomb’s conclusions, after a century and a half more of failed government interferences of almost every imaginable form and type, stand as even more reasonable than when he penned them: those in government should simply leave people alone.


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