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open gate
James Hanley

Adding Detail to Paul Romer’s Simplistic Plan for Reopening America

“Romer has in fact not thought this plan through very deeply, and his response to critiques seems to be that they shouldn’t do so either. His is a superficial plan that relies on magical thinking.” ~ James E. Hanley


leftover food
Joakim Book

Who Owns Leftover and Abandoned Bar Food?

“Figuring out the exact property rights isn’t worth the hassle: it’s too little and too rare to care about enforcing whatever legal right might be applicable in various jurisdictions. In practice, the ownership of leftover food is up to the social norms in the country you’re in, or even the attitude of the staff at the particular establishment you’re visiting – an informal institution, guided by vague and constantly negotiated social interactions.” ~ Joakim Book


politician lying
Robert E. Wright

The Sordid History of Scam Science

“We have to return to teaching people how to research and think for themselves and not just mindlessly jump on #bandwagons while falling for gross rhetorical tricks.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Jeffrey Tucker

Who Should Be on Trump’s New C-19 Advisory Commission?

“The whole country is wallowing in myth-driven panic and confusion, and the political class is doing nothing to fix that. Media certainly isn’t helping. It’s perhaps a forlorn hope that Trump himself could get smart, show a bit of humility, and press the reset button.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


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