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Nikolai Wenzel

Parity Without Socialism: Economic Freedom and Opportunity for Women

“There is a simple policy solution for expanding opportunity for women and giving voice to them: increased economic freedom. Markets solve, as we discovered in undergraduate microeconomics… and without the unintended consequences of illiberal intervention.” ~ Megan V. Teague & Nikolai G. Wenzel


Robert Hughes

Weekly Initial Claims Rise to the Highest Level Since November

“Weekly initial claims rose again, pushing the four-week average to a seven-month high. The combination of sustained elevated rates of price increases and softening labor market are becoming a major risk for the economic outlook.” ~ Robert Hughes


Scott Scheall

The Problem of Policymaker Ignorance

“Policymakers are forever in search of causal knowledge and powers – to both know enough and be capable of bringing about specific states of social affairs – that no mortal can possess.” ~ Scott Scheall


Yaël Ossowski

Harm Reduction Takes a U-Turn on Vaping

“If the pandemic taught us anything about public perceptions of risk, it is that we must empower individuals to make decisions to improve their own situation rather than making it for them.” ~ Yaël Ossowski


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