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Ethan Yang

The Dangers and Opportunities of Biden’s New Antitrust Order

“Biden’s executive order is filled with aggressive and romantic language that seems to harken back to the tired old age of early 20th-century trust busting that reeks of disdain for large corporations just for the sake of being large. At the same time, the order does pay some respect to the idea that economic freedom is a necessary component for encouraging competition.” ~ Ethan Yang


Peter C. Earle

Lumber Prices Return to Earth

“A new round of expansionary monetary policy, wildfires, or other developments could bring more upheaval to this ordinarily sedate market, but for now it appears that the lumber market delirium has been quelled.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Phillip W. Magness

Debunking The 1619 Project

“With their 1619 Project, the New York Times has weighed in to rewrite American history by deconstructing institutions responsible for our prosperity and our success: free-market capitalism and the United States Constitution. To learn what is true, listen in to Bill Walton’s conversation with Phil Magness who devastatingly debunks these claims.” ~ AIER


Robert Hughes

AIER Leading Indicators Index Suggests Continuing Economic Expansion

“AIER’s Leading Indicators Index remained solidly above neutral in June, suggesting continued economic growth. However, labor issues, materials shortages, and logistical problems are restraining the recovery in output and putting upward pressure on prices. While the outlook remains positive, the emergence of the Delta variant increases uncertainty.” – Robert Hughes


James Bovard

No Victory Lap For Governors Who Locked Down America

“As long as politicians are exalted, the actual details of their decrees are irrelevant: they have been coronated as saviors. Cuomo assured his fellow Covid-profiteering governors that ‘this will happen again.’ This is why Americans must recognize the catastrophic failure of political iron fists during the Covid-19 pandemic.” ~ James Bovard


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