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chairs up, school
Ethan Yang

The Dangers of Keeping the Schools Closed

“Medical experts who support school closures more generally clarify that they are a tool to be considered at the beginning of a pandemic, not seven months in. COVID-19 poses a far lesser risk to children for both death and infection. Closing schools will probably spare some schoolchildren from infection. Whether it will be enough to justify what we may have to sacrifice is another question entirely.” ~ Ethan Yang


road to nowhere
Joakim Book

David Goodhart’s Road to Somewhere

“Goodhart frequently emphasizes that the trends in opinion that he reports are not figments of his imagination, but real opinions held by real people. That much seems accurate, and as a description of British political beliefs, his book makes useful contributions. He has failed to show why the fact that some people are convinced by hollow and harmful ideas make them valid, coherent, defensible, legitimate, or respectable. Some things just don’t hold up, no matter your tribe.” ~ Joakim Book


cancel x
Richard M. Ebeling

Save America from Cancel Culture

“All possible effort must be made to resist and rationally respond to a “cancel culture” that would erase the history and memory of America from the minds of humankind.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Donald J. Boudreaux

Who Is Making Decisions about Our Lives

“What reason is there to trust that These People who never look past the next election – and who always ignore consequences that are difficult to see if these consequences are spread over large numbers of individuals – are making a prudently considered trade-off between the lockdown’s costs and its benefits?” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


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