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Ethan Yang

Cracks In the Great Wall Part 3 – China’s Charm Has Expired

“It would be safe to say that the world’s honeymoon phase with China is over and the pathway forward will see far more resistance to their ambitions. It seems like the CCP has overplayed its hand and it wouldn’t be absurd to think they know that as well.” ~ Ethan Yang


Joakim Book

How History Moves Forward

“History is the messy sum outcome of millions and millions of people’s incentives, desires, biases, and actions. An iconic quote from Jurassic Park is ‘Life finds a way,’ uttered by the cynical chaos-theory chanting character Ian Malcolm. History, it would seem, does too.” ~ Joakim Book


Gregory van Kipnis

The 50 States Suffered Differentially During the Lockdowns and Pandemic

“In the aggregate, government spending at all levels (federal, state, and local) had a mildly negative 0.3% effect on the economy. The bottom line is that the private sector actually did a better overall job in most states than governments in terms of managing state and local economic progress.” ~ Gregory van Kipnis


Vincent Geloso

States Shouldn’t Dictate Curricular Content

“Regardless of how one tries to cut it, state involvement in schooling creates a profound alteration of political incentives. The debates in America over critical race theory in high school constitute the most recent (and most divisive) illustration of this.” ~ Vincent Geloso


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