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Alexander W. Salter

Inflation, Unemployment, and Fed Credibility

“Any time it looks like there’s a tradeoff between unemployment and inflation, something has gone very wrong. We could’ve avoided both horns of the dilemma if the Fed had done its job.” ~ Alexander William Salter


Caleb Fuller

Why Studying Economics Requires Curiosity

“Studying economics requires curiosity because economics is about providing answers to social mysteries, not about condemning or praising social interaction. To make this point is to suggest that curiosity’s close intellectual cousin—humility—is also crucial to the economist’s task.” ~ Caleb S. Fuller


Samuel Gregg

Rule, Britannia?

“Will a sense of British identity prevail over the ambitions of Scottish, Welsh, and Irish nationalists? That is unclear. Perhaps the better question is whether enough people in England will even care.” ~ Samuel Gregg


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