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John Tamny

The Monetary Genius of Arthur Laffer

“How Arthur Laffer dealt with Milton Friedman on a monetary matter of utmost importance says so much about his genius as a thinker, but it also says it all about him as a person. He’s kind and generous in addition to being brilliant. Read The Emergence of Arthur Laffer to see why.” ~ John Tamny


Richard Salsman

Higher Inflation Depresses Equity Valuation

“The CPI will probably increase by 3-5% for all of 2021. That is not nearly as bad as the 1970s, when the rate averaged 7.4% p.a. (and peaked at 13.3% in late 1979), but it’s still bad for equity valuations.” ~ Richard M. Salsman


Christopher Lingle

Inflating the Circulating Medium: Cause or Effect?

“The concern over the potential for increased future price levels (‘inflation’ as measured by CPI or PCE) is largely misplaced. It may not be the most serious or most likely outcome of the ongoing ‘unconventional’ policies that have been inflating the circulating medium.” ~ Christopher Lingle


Robert Hughes

Consumer Credit Rose in May

“Consumer credit jumped in May as easing government restrictions boosted economic activity.” – Robert Hughes


Ethan Yang

Cracks in the Great Wall Part 2 – China’s Economic Paradox

“E.C. Harwood, the founder of AIER, noted that the USSR under its authoritarian model would never be able to economically outcompete America and the West unless we lost faith in our free market system and moved to copy the Russians. The same holds true for China today.” ~ Ethan Yang


Anthony Gill

Democracy Is More Than Just Elections

“We need to rethink how we portray democracy to our students and the general public. Democracy should not be construed as resting entirely upon elections. Free markets and civil society are crucial components of democratic governance, not something that stands separate from it.” ~ Anthony Gill


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