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Thomas L. Hogan

Hollywood’s Monetary Policy

“What is fact versus fiction in this story? While we should surely be wary of Fed-induced risk taking and credit misallocation, I’m skeptical that this was a major problem in the QE period.” ~ Thomas L. Hogan


Robert Hughes

Private Payrolls Growth Stayed Strong in June

“Payroll gains remained solid in June, though there are mounting signs of easing in the labor market. Sustained price pressures, an intensifying Fed tightening cycle, and ongoing fallout from the Russian invasion of Ukraine are significant risks for the economy.” ~ Robert Hughes


Gary Galles

Understanding “Underpaid” Workers

“Money ultimately comes from employees’ pockets, but they blame their employers instead of the government for reducing what they take home as a result. When workers say ‘I was robbed,’ they may be correct–but they finger the wrong suspect.” ~ Gary M. Galles


Kate Wand

Politics Without Romance – Why the World Looks the Way It Does | Liberty Curious (Video)

“In this episode of Liberty Curious, AIER Senior Research Faculty Ryan Yonk joins Kate Wand to discuss Public Choice theory, which James Buchanan famously described as ‘politics without romance.’” ~ AIER


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