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Tik Tok, girl
Jeffrey Tucker

Can They Really Get Away with Banning TikTok?

“It’s all about bringing the poison of politics to a realm of innovation that has thus far been mostly and mercifully free of it. Once we have to ask politicians’ permission to download a playful app, we are going further down the road that we’ve been on for the last several months: a new frontier of political control at the expense of individual choice.” ~ Jeffrey A. Tucker


piggy bank
J.P. Koning

What Can Be Done to Remedy the Coin Shortage?

“The US Mint could focus all of its resources on producing dimes and quarters, not silly pennies. This would put an end to the US’s coin shortage, almost immediately.” ~ J.P. Koning


bill gates
Barry Brownstein

Bill Gates: From Entrepreneur to Supervillain

“Supervillains coerce and harm. Successful entrepreneurs serve and enrich humanity. Gates should return to his entrepreneurial roots.” ~ Barry Brownstein


martian invader statue
Peter C. Earle

HG Wells on the Partnership Between Viruses and Humans

“Let not the billions before us, who battled nature not only with their hands and minds but their immune systems, genetic variations, and other evolutionary adaptations, have lived in vain.” ~ Peter C. Earle


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