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Laura Williams

There Ought To Be a Law, or at Least a Regulation.

“When the busybodies at the FDA picture the impacts of their new regulations, they imagine that these interventions will save lives, reduce health consequences, and protect Americans. They imagine only the results they want, not the way people actually behave.” ~ Laura Williams


Robert Hughes

Average Weekly Initial Claims Rise Again

“Weekly initial claims rose pushing the four-week average higher again. The combination of sustained elevated rates of price increases and softening labor market are becoming a major risk for the economic outlook.” ~ Robert Hughes


Robert E. Wright

The Amtrak Abomination

“While trains are not especially good for the environment, many people assume they are ‘green,’ also allowing for some of the fake virtue signaling many American politicians seem to crave.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Richard Lowery

How UT-Austin Administrators Destroyed an Intellectual Diversity Initiative

“The extreme hostility of the faculty toward this project shows the desperate need for something serious along these lines. However, with the current administration at UT-Austin, nothing will be possible without far more direct state intervention.” ~ Richard Lowery


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