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Doug Bandow

How To Defeat China Economically? Don’t Follow Its Worst Practices

“The Biden administration’s new PGII program is unlikely to improve upon past development initiatives. To start, it seems unlikely to offer anything new. Worse, it is a political exercise aimed at China.” ~ Doug Bandow


James Hanley

Review: The Great Experiment by Yasha Mounck

“This book is a good guide to understanding the risks these countries face and provides food for thought on how we might respond to them to promote a diverse, peaceful, and equal democracy in our own country.” ~ James E. Hanley


Robert Hughes

Unit Auto Sales Rose in June, but Remain Weak

“Light-vehicle sales rose in June but remain well below pre-pandemic ranges. Assemblies fell in May as component shortages continue to restrain production. Inventory shows signs of stabilization recently, but prices continued to rise.” ~ Robert Hughes


Daniel Sutter

The USFL and Labor Markets

“Since many kids dream of being pro athletes and sports generate billions in revenue, voluntary participation is not a problem. But sports generate enormous rents and competition to capture these rents ensures enduring strife between labor and management.” ~ Daniel Sutter


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