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Richard M. Ebeling

A Declaration of Independence from Big Government

“It is we, who believe in the liberty for which the Founding Fathers pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor in that war of independence, who must do all in our power to restore that crucial understanding and appreciation of individual freedom and individual rights among our fellow citizens, without which that great American ‘experiment’ in political and economic individualism may be lost beyond recovery.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Raymond March

A Faster Drug Approval Process May Be Coming Soon!

“Recent history is on the side of less oversight and more patient access. Giving less power to government agencies to decide which drugs are safe and effective and under what circumstances provides more freedom for doctors and drug producers to help patients. It’s a literal life-or-death cause worth fighting for.” ~ Raymond J. March


Vincent Geloso

Trade, Raid and the State Against First Nations

“Many have lost track of a key fact about residential schools: these schools were mandatory state-funded schools. The federal government acted as an advocate for settlers to the Canadian Prairies and disregarded the natural rights of individuals from First Nations. It was by government fiat that these abuses were sanctioned and conducted.” ~ Vincent Geloso


Ethan Yang

A Declaration for Anti-Lockdown Reforms

“If we do not do something to prevent the gross abuses of power that have transpired over the past year and a half, the Fourth of July will cease to have any real meaning in this country and to all those abroad who look to us for inspiration.” ~ Ethan Yang


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