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grass walking
Phillip W. Magness

Two Pandemics: One Serious, One Mild

“Simply put, we adopted the wrong measures and used them to ineffectually target the milder of the two pandemics, all the while neglecting or even exacerbating the much more severe outbreak that continues to run its course through our vulnerable nursing home population.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


nurse walking
Stephen Miller

Don’t Let Hospitalization Trends Blind You to the Numbers Themselves

“What we can see clearly from the trends around the world is that the virus’s impact has been very uneven, and massive outbreaks like those experienced in Italy and New York are not inevitable, and seem to have little to do with how local government addressed the pandemic.” ~ Stephen C. Miller


Rand Paul
Art Carden

Rand Paul Is Right About Experts

“An expert is very well-positioned to say “if you do these things, then you can expect the following effects with the following probabilities.” Only in the most extraordinary of circumstances—and even then, I’m still extremely skeptical—should they presume to tell others exactly which choices they should make.” ~ Art Carden


ocean wave
Daniel Klein

Municipality Second Waves: Zero and Counting

“As the media continues to talk of a “second wave,” keep asking the important question: Have we yet seen a municipality second wave based on deaths? If the answer is no, then figure that what is happening is the first wave still washing through the larger landscape.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


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