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Max Gulker

The Slow, Strange, and Wonderful Unmasking of America

“The overturning of laws and mass displays of civil disobedience will play only supporting roles to knowledge gained and exchanged painfully slowly between people. The theoreticians and philosophers are asking important questions, but I urge them not to miss this deeply libertarian phenomenon analogous to so many market processes and free exchanges of ideas that slowly right society’s ship without a captain.” ~ Max Gulker


broken windows, brick building
Art Carden

Opposing Subsidies Isn’t Opposing What’s Subsidized: Bastiat’s Lesson

“Among the dead and largely forgotten, Bastiat is worth reading for the depth of his insight and the clarity of his exposition. His articles and essays expose the hidden absurdity of a lot of proposals to “encourage the national labour” by subsidizing the arts, by blocking out the sun to benefit the candlemakers, or by building a negative railroad consisting of nothing but stops.” ~ Art Carden


Robert Hughes

Labor Market Recovery Continued in June but Surging COVID-19 Cases Raises Uncertainty

Nearly 5 million private U.S. jobs were recovered in June; however, surging new COVID-19 cases are threatening the recovery.


Austin Texas
Edward Stringham

Why We Should Not Be Concerned About Increasing Covid-19 Cases in Texas

“That increased testing means we are discovering more young and healthy people with COVID-19 should not be surprising or alarming in the slightest. The hospitals are under financial pressure from having to mostly stop doing business for months, so they are classifying as many people as possible as a COVID case in order to gain the subsidy offered by the federal government.” Edward Peter Stringham


holding hands, july 4th
James Bovard

Independence Day in the Midst of Dictatorship

“The Great Pandemic Follies of 2020 have been based on the illusion that government could make life risk-free. But the advocates of shutdowns, lockdowns, and endless prohibitions ignore the risk of dictatorship. That was what our forefathers fought against.” ~ James Bovard


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