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Robert Hughes

Manufacturing-Sector Survey Suggests Slowing Growth and Slightly Fewer Price Pressures

“The latest manufacturing survey suggests supply and demand may be moving closer to balance. However, persistently elevated price increases and an intensifying Fed policy tightening cycle remain risks to the outlook.” ~ Robert Hughes


Kate Wand

Inflation: Hidden Costs & Debunking Myths | Liberty Curious (Video)

“In this episode of Liberty Curious, AIER Research Faculty Peter C. Earle discusses some of the lesser-known costs of inflation. He also provides an overview of what inflation actually is- and what really causes it.” ~ AIER


Richard Salsman

Stocks and Bonds Hurt Alike Under Stagflation

“When bonds and stocks decline a lot and simultaneously it suggests inflation is rising rapidly even as the economy is stagnating or contracting (or will soon do so). For most economists today, that combination is near-impossible.” ~ Richard M. Salsman


William J. Luther

Inflation Increased In May, New Data Show

“It is difficult to say precisely when the inflation tide will turn. But consumers should expect inflation to remain high throughout the rest of the year.” ~ William J. Luther


David Schaefer

Tocqueville’s Worst Fears

“Piketty is less concerned with promoting either political or individual freedom than he is with building a ‘state’ strong enough to push ‘to its logical conclusion ‘the movement towards ‘real equality’ as he conceives it.” ~ David Lewis Schaefer


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