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Park, Saint Cloud
Art Carden

“The Most Brilliant Economic Journalist Who Ever Lived”: A Birthday Appreciation of Frederic Bastiat

“Bastiat was one of the nineteenth century’s most eloquent defenders of liberty and dignity, and Joseph Schumpeter was clearly right to describe him as “the most brilliant economic journalist who ever lived.” He has heirs, but no equals.” ~ Art Carden


Robert Hughes

Consumer Optimism Extends Rebound in June, But Outlook Remains Uncertain

Consumer attitudes improved somewhat in June, but resurging COVID-19 cases is sustaining doubts and increasing the uncertainty for the economic outlook.


Newton's cradle
Daniel Mitchell

The Adverse Economic Consequences of Higher Tax Rates

“The political impact will be that “the rich” pay more. The economic impact will be less capital formation and entrepreneurship, and those are the changes that hurt the vast majority of us who aren’t rich.” ~ Daniel J. Mitchell


money, bomb, spark
Colin Lloyd

Global Money Supply Growth and the Great Inflation Getaway

“Maintenance of the level of employment rather than inflation has become the focus of official policy everywhere. Stimulus will continue until employment is restored to its pre-crisis level and there remains a colossal debt overhang to temper inflationary tendencies, but there is a real and present danger that, in the process of returning the economy to full-employment, consumer price inflation will get away.” ~ Colin Lloyd


nursing home, bed, wheelchair
Peter C. Earle

The Real Pandemic Was a Nursing Home Problem

“It is increasingly clear that despite driving the U.S. economy into an artificial depression, destroying tens of thousands of businesses and the lives of millions of citizens, and elevating rates of domestic violence, divorce, substance abuse, and suicide, US government policies failed to protect the most vulnerable segment of the population: individuals in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.” ~ Peter C. Earle


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