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Alexander W. Salter

Better Explanations for Inflation

“We have enough information to conclude policy mistakes, especially on the demand side, go a long way toward explaining today’s inflation.” ~ Alexander William Salter


John McGinnis

The Death of Separationism and the Life of School Choice

“Carson v. Makin energizes a political movement that is essential to improving the human capital of the next generation as well as sustaining the ideological and religious diversity that makes for a pluralist society.” ~ John O. McGinnis


James Hanley

The “Unlivable” World of Global Warming Is Much Wealthier Than Today

“If one truly believes the very existence of humanity is at stake, no regulation goes too far, and no social control is too strict, in order to save our species. And that is a price none of us should have to pay.” ~ James E. Hanley


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