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Labor Market Rebounds as Private Payrolls Jump
Robert Hughes

Consumer Confidence Rose for a Fifth Month in a Row, Suggesting Continued Economic Growth

“Consumer attitudes improved again in June as easing government restrictions continue to boost economic activity and job prospects.” – Robert Hughes


Richard M. Ebeling

“Progressives” Blame F. A. Hayek for Everything They Dislike

“Slobodian’s vision – clearly one parallel to or coterminous with a socialist remake of society – would turn us away from all of liberalism’s accomplishments, however imperfect and incomplete they have been, and take us back to the primitive tribalism that Friedrich Hayek explained has taken humanity so long to escape from.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Ethan Yang

India Could Be Our Most Important Geo-Political Partner

“It is becoming increasingly more difficult as well as imprudent to be the world’s policeman, which has placed a significant strain on American taxpayers as well as the health of America’s limited government. If both countries can play their cards right, US-India cooperation could become an unstoppable force, accomplishing everything from containing China to fostering a free and prosperous Indo-Pacific region.” ~ Ethan Yang


Joakim Book

We Pretend to Work and You Pretend to Pay Us

“Maybe we don’t need a highly organized, top-down revolution of government buildings and institutions in the shape that we historically recognize. Maybe a silent revolution is already on its way: collectively and individually we simply ignore the rules and ignore the rulers.” ~ Joakim Book


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