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AIER Stone House at Sunset
John Barry

In Memoriam: Lawrence S. Pratt (1942-2020)

It is with great sorrow that we report the passing of Larry Pratt on June 27.

Larry served in several roles at the American Institute for Economic Research and American Investment Services. He made a profound contribution to both organizations, through illuminating our readers and helping our clients prosper.


trees, prosperity
Donald J. Boudreaux

Free Markets are Lousy Self-Promoters

“Precisely because free and innovative markets ceaselessly expand our range of opportunities, comparing the economic statistics of today with those of yesterday too often masks the improvements brought to us by markets. What appear to blinkered or incautious eyes to be market failures are often the fruits of market successes.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Porcupine Festival 2020 - Presidential Mountain Range, NH
Jeffrey Tucker

Broadway Closed but Porcfest Stayed Open

“These are people for whom freedom is not just a theoretical parlor game played by intellectuals. Freedom for the people at this event is something that is embraced as a life principle, something to be applied with bravery, determination, and joy. By holding the event this year, Porcfest kept its great tradition.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


New York City, Sunrise
John Tamny

The Office Will Come Back

“It’s so easy amid political panic for the all-knowing to contend that “this time is different.” Not really. Some things never change. One thing that won’t is the value gained by people working alongside one another.” ~ John Tamny


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