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Donald J. Boudreaux

Low Wages Are Not Proof that Workers Have Poor Bargaining Power

“Pouring salt into this economic wound, a minimum wage – by pricing these workers out of jobs – prevents them from getting the skills and experience that would enable them tomorrow to bargain for better jobs.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Robert E. Wright

Private Cannon Ownership in Early America

“Although I hesitate to bring this to President Biden’s attention, individuals and nonprofits own cannon today. In 2019, for example, Brown’s Company of Artillery fired for five hours in Lebanon … the one in Connecticut. And the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, a private artillery company organized in Massachusetts in 1638, still exists!” ~ Robert E. Wright


Byron Carson

Cancel Hardware Stores, Not Amazon Prime

“Mutually beneficial exchange is one of the essential features of market processes, and it is pervasive throughout our interactions with Amazon—for consumers and producers—despite perceptions to the contrary. Policies devoted to curtailing those interactions make people worse off, and critics of Amazon should be aware of such consequences.” ~ Byron B. Caron III


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