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Daniel Klein

So Sordid and So Selfish: What Governmentalization Does to Us

“The governmentalization of social affairs throws us into the passive position, where our sentiments are “almost always so sordid and so selfish.” That is what liberalism understands. Shout it from the rooftops: Governmentalization sucks.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


Robert E. Wright

Universities That Should Lose Their Accreditation Immediately

“Accreditation is the ‘key to the kingdom’ of federal and state subsidies and widespread recognition of some minimal level of curricular competence. Most students will not attend a university that is not accredited because they cannot obtain financial aid and most employers will not recognize any coursework or degree as a bona fide credential unless the university is accredited.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Art Carden

On Frank Knight, Intelligence and Democratic Action

“Intelligence and Democratic Action is the work of a distinguished and influential scholar who spent a lifetime wrestling with the tensions between the real and the ideal, the actual and the imagined. It is a brief but deep exploration of the contours of the social sciences, and it is worth serious consideration by anyone concerned with the foundations of a free and prosperous society.” ~ Art Carden


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