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John Tamny

The Death of a Visionary Retailer Reminds Us of Private Equity’s Genius

“Instead of sitting on their hands, these investors are energetically reshaping commerce for the much better with their bold capital commitments. Rather than demonize private equity, we should cheer the progress that it personifies with an eye on reworking the tax code in order to encourage more of what’s mindlessly penalized.” ~ John Tamny


Robert E. Wright

The Woke Business Complex

“Just think, though, of the uproarious applause that would occur if governments would stop over-regulating and over-taxing economic agents and allow every human to thrive instead of diverting resources to the Woke Business Complex! But curbing government overreach would require a more ‘equitable’ distribution of political and soft power. Where’s the meme for that?” ~ Robert E. Wright


Vincent Geloso

Do We Need Patents? A Look at Biological Innovations in 19th Century America

“Considerable resources are expended in the regulatory process to obtain (and defend) patents which may be unnecessary incentives to innovation. In the process, we may end up deterring innovation. With our presently heightened sense of the importance of research and development in setting our living standards, this possibility must be seriously taken into consideration.” ~ Vincent Geloso


Ethan Yang

How the Market Drives Down Costs

“The market forces of competition and price sensitivity, combined with increasing productivity that leads to higher wages, allow living standards to rise. However, government policies and perverse incentives can shield service providers from market forces, undermining competition and eroding U.S. standards of living.” ~ Ethan Yang


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