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J.P. Koning

Should Those Passing Counterfeits be Treated like Counterfeiters?

“It seems odd that the crime of uttering currency is considered to be so grave an offense in this day and age. Reducing the punishment might cause law enforcement officers to approach cases of uttering as they do other less serious, non-violent offenses.” ~ J.P. Koning


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Michael Munger

Where Did The Wealth Go?

“The cost of the lockdown is the forgone economic activity, all the meals and haircuts and vacations and flights and trips to the theater and the movies and the nightclub. Those things are gone, and they cannot be made up. We had access to fewer desirable things; that’s where the wealth went.” ~ Michael


federal reserve building
Alexander W. Salter

COVID-19 Made the Federal Reserve Sick

“The change in the Fed’s mandate is not something we can afford to ignore. Its new policies come with significant economic and political costs. If we do not come to grips with them, the Fed might not be able to help much when the next crisis hits.” ~ Alexander W. Salter


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Barry Brownstein

Why Facts Don’t Matter to People

“COVID-19 has forced many of our well-intentioned friends into what some call liminal space—’a space where you have left something behind, yet you are not yet fully in something else.'” ~ Barry Brownstein


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