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Alexander W. Salter

Bad Explanations for Inflation

“Hopefully, these lousy explanations will soon fade out of the public’s consciousness. We need to focus on what matters: a comparative abundance of money over goods. ” ~ Alexander William Salter


Robert Hughes

Average Weekly Initial Claims Continue to Drift Higher

“Weekly initial claims fell but the four-week average continues on a modest upward trend. The Russian invasion of Ukraine, sustained elevated price increases, and an intensifying Fed tightening cycle remain risks to the outlook.” ~ Robert Hughes


Samuel Gregg

A World Bereft of Statesmanship

“Statesmanship will be a rare commodity until free societies shake off their present obsession with equality-as-sameness and their reduction of wisdom to techne.” ~ Samuel Gregg


Clifford Thies

Renaming Army Posts

“The renaming of an Army post should be a positive, not a negative statement. Renaming some of them should not be about erasing our history, but adding to our history. Heroes from the ranks of the common soldier should be honored.” ~ Clifford F. Thies


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