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Robert Hughes

New Single-Family Home Sales Fell Sharply in May

“New-home sales fell again in May and supply conditions eased a bit. Rising prices, and somewhat higher mortgage rates should continue weighing on activity.” – Robert Hughes


Robert E. Wright

Morningstar Right To Fight SEC Encroachment

“Morningstar is right to push back. If only other corporations would do likewise and not cave in to regulatory rules rooted in agency staffer self-interest rather than reason. Free markets can stand some regulation but not virtual takeover by bureaucratic fiat.” ~ Robert E. Wright


free to choose
Richard M. Ebeling

The Political Paternalists Take Aim at Milton Friedman

“How very disappointed Mr. Carter will no doubt be, when the policies he espouses end up, once again, having the disastrous effects they have always produced in the past. Much to Mr. Carter’s chagrin, it will be Milton Friedman’s ideas on liberty that will be shown to be the far more enduring ones.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Ethan Yang

When I Wanted to Work in a Food Truck Instead of the Senate

“Sometimes government might be preferable to the private sector, such as protecting our universal rights. However, for the vast majority of other concerns, we would be far better off looking to ourselves for answers than running towards the arms of the state.” ~ Ethan Yang


Robert Bradley

Climate Models: Worse Than Nothing?

“Data continue to confound naïve climate models. Very difficult theory is slowly but surely explaining why. The climate debate is back to the physical science, where it never should have left.” ~ Robert L. Bradley Jr.


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