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Robert Gould Shaw 54th memorial
Phillip W. Magness

What the Data Say About Civil War Monuments

“The course in public memorialization of anti-slavery figures and events is at long last moving in a positive direction. It can and should be sustained, provided that the mob, now haphazardly targeting almost any form of public statuary, does not make those same monuments into additional casualties of iconoclasm.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


outdoor market, croatia
Donald J. Boudreaux

Puzzles about Trade that Make Me Wonder

“What would be the public reaction if the headlines daily announced, say, the number of people who died within the past 24 hours from some virus other than COVID, and reported these daily deaths with vivid bar charts? How would the public react to increased testing of some virus other than COVID and to breathless reports of rising numbers of people testing positive for this other virus?” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


historical impromptus mccloskey
Ethan Yang

The Inestimable Wisdom of Deirdre McCloskey

“Breaking down barriers not only institutionally but socially, allowing more and more people to strive for their potential is what started the engine of comprehensive economic growth. Economic and social freedom that rests not only in regulatory codes but in the hearts of men.” ~ Ethan Yang


europe, streets, night
Joakim Book

Don’t Mention the Virus

“If we avoided the hysteria that eagerly thought this pandemic was either the end of globalization or the end of the human race, we all thought this would be a temporary nuisance in our lives. Instead, the virus is deceptively permanent and I don’t mean biologically. We haven’t really moved on from corona – it just lingers in our minds, sowing fear and discomfort all around us.” Joakim Book


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