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The Emergency Is Real

“A government that presumes the right to shut down an economy and culture, and plan the whole of society, even for a short period, is playing with fire, even to the point of opening the gates of hell.” ~ AIER


americans, walking, new york
Richard M. Ebeling

The Meaning and the Mind of an American

“America’s hope has been for the color-blind society, and in spite of everything has been moving closer to it, in numerous facets of everyday life. Its path is being blocked not by anything inherent wrong in its founding principles. Its way is threatened by those whose view of man is based on collectivist identifiers,.” ~ Richard Ebeling


jets, planes
Veronique de Rugy

The ExIm Bank is Still the Bank of Boeing

“The bank has a long track record of serving mostly large foreign and domestic airlines in higher income nations, and distorting capital markets to fund projects that would likely be funded otherwise. It’s called cronyism.” ~ Veronique de Rugy


Art Carden

It’s Not Regulation that Keeps Your Food Safe

“Enjoy — in moderation. The strangers are looking out for you, and they are all too happy to do so. Why? Because by looking out for you, they are better equipped to look out for the non-strangers in their lives.” ~ Art Carden


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