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James Harrigan

Of Patriots and Freedom

“What is a better thing to celebrate than the liberty all Americans know to be their birthright? This is not a partisan victory, nor is it one of one time or another. It’s a universal victory, because the cause of freedom is the cause of everyone.” ~ James R. Harrigan


Tarnell Brown

What Is Juneteenth to All Americans?

“America is a promise, one that has yet to be met. As July 4 commemorates the initiation of that promise, Juneteenth commemorates the work yet to be done, reminding us all that there are still miles to go before we sleep.” ~ Tarnell Brown


Thomas Krannawitter

Juneteenth: Uniquely American

“Without the Emancipation Proclamation, there would be no Juneteenth. Juneteenth is your day to shine, Republicans. Don’t ignore it. Wrap yourselves in it. It’s your story to tell, and it is a beautiful story.” ~ Thomas L. Krannawitter


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