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Alexander W. Salter

Reining In the Fed

“We know all too well that when it comes to bureaucratic mission creep, it’s incredibly difficult to put the genie back in the bottle. That’s why we must work to right the Fed’s course starting now. Its roles in fighting recessions and preventing financial panics are too important to be hijacked by partisanship.” ~ Alexander William Salter


Randall Holcombe

Tax Havens, or Government Cartels?

“The intergovernmental competition offers one of the few avenues of escape from the oppressive coercion of government. Intergovernmental competition is one of the safeguards of liberty, and that safeguard is under attack by President Biden, Secretary Yellen, and the G-7.” ~ Randall G. Holcombe


Ethan Yang

Which Antitrust Doctrine Deserves Your Trust?

“Proper reforms should leverage more market functions, not less. In contrast, the neo-Brandeisian model will reintroduce a crippling regime of arbitrary and further unchecked state power that will surely sap the vibrancy from the American economy at a time when it is needed most.” ~ Ethan Yang


David Henderson

The Origin of SARS-CoV-2

“Based on what we know, the lab leak theory better fits the evidence. Even if this particular virus didn’t escape from a lab, government-funded bioweapon experiments are playing with fire and the next time a dangerous virus escapes, which will eventually happen, we may not be so ‘lucky’ as to escape with four million dead.” ~ Charles L. Hooper & David R. Henderson


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