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June 18, 2020
James Bovard

D.C.’S Iron Curtain of Secrecy Endangers the Economy and Everything Else

“COVID bailouts will likely remain secret until long after major economic damage is done. Attorney General Ramsey Clark warned in 1967, “Nothing so diminishes democracy as secrecy.” ” ~ James Bovard


Robert Hughes

Easing Lockdowns Slow Initial Claims but Cumulative Claims Top 45 Million

The policy-induced recession of 2020 has resulted in more than 45 million jobs lost. As lockdown restrictions ease, signs of bottoming and recovery are starting to emerge.


trophy, hands
Robert E. Wright

The Good Guys Are Winning!

“AIER is convincing the world that lockdowns were poor policies indeed, never to be repeated for this or any similar threat.” ~ Robert Wright


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