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Rush Limbaugh Again Cites AIER

“AIER has been a crucial alternative platform for rational discussion of this topic, and this has been useful for alternative voices on all sides. Broadcaster Rush Limbaugh cites AIER at some length in his radio show today. Here is the transcript.” ~ AIER


Robert Hughes

Housing Permits Pick Up in May, Outlook Improving

Housing starts were mixed in May, but permits were broadly higher, supported by easing lockdown restrictions, low mortgage rates, and rebounding builder confidence.


clouds, building
John Tamny

The Fed Can’t Revive the Dead, But It Can Delay Their Recovery

“Central planning was tried in the 20th century, and it failed miserably. As evidenced by the U.S. economy’s dynamism, the Fed’s actual power is a fraction of what its supporters and critics both presume.” ~ John Tamny


people, gas station
Anthony Gill

Tear Down this Plexiglass!

“To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, who challenged Mikhail Gorbachev to eradicate another major symbol of fear and mistrust in the world, I urge us to tear down this plexiglass.” ~ Anthony Gill


adam and eve, expulsion
Joakim Book

Are Humans Naturally Nice?

“Drawing superficially on many different fields with narrative case-studies to illustrate a major point keeps the story refreshing – but risks becoming detached, unconvincing and plainly wrong.” ~ Joakim Book


Contact tracing
Edward Stringham

Doubts About Contact Tracing

“Contact tracing might make sense for certain diseases. But it turns out that there is no evidence that this novel coronavirus can be contained by contact tracing. Let us consider some of the articles on this topic.” ~ Edward Stringham


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