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people, sitting
Robert E. Wright

The Desperate Loneliness of Social Media

“Other-directed voters go on social media to try to figure out which politicians and policy proposals will earn them the most plaudits from assorted avatars and social influencers. They value fitting in over logic or consistency and many seem genuinely puzzled when the inconsistencies in their expressed opinions are pointed out to them.” ~ Robert Wright


markets, going down
Donald J. Boudreaux

Ignore the Cooing of the Deficit Doves

“We skeptics of government power should never stop warning of the dangers of deficit financing, for such financing lowers political decision-makers’ costs of expanding government’s size and scope.” ~ Donald Boudreaux


State is going State
Michael Munger

The State Isn’t Going Crazy; It’s Going State

“If you want to use the state to accomplish your goals, you cannot “fall out only with the abuses.” You have to recognize that it’s the nature of the state, the thing itself, to use violence against its own citizens.” ~ Michael Munger


brutalism, hand, claw, beast
Jeffrey Tucker

The Return of Brutalism

“When governments behave this way, as if freedom doesn’t matter, this is what they unleash. They punish and drive out decency, integrity, and virtue. When you do that, you release unpredictable forces within society that make the world ugly, even terrifying.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


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