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Special Issue on China

“The United States and China are beginning to compete more closely all around the world, and collisions of interest are occurring more frequently. This issue is dedicated to US-China topics.” ~AIER


Raymond C. Niles

Wuhan Lab Controversy Illustrates How Government Funding Throttles Scientific Integrity

“We must separate government completely from science for the same reason we separate church from state and press from state. Don’t force our scientists to become supplicants to government bureaucrats in order to pursue truth. That will be the death of reason, science, and truth, and lead to disasters, such as misunderstanding the origins of deadly viruses.” ~ Raymond C. Niles


Richard M. Ebeling

The Labor Shortage Is a Government-Contrived Scarcity

“Contrived scarcities, in principle, could be gone tomorrow if the government’s economic policies fostering, creating and sustaining them were abolished and eliminated. The individual’s freedom of choice and action as both consumer and producer will have been more fully restored with a less intervening government.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Ethan Yang

Saving America From the Counterrevolution

“Defenders of the great revolution of enlightenment values and modernity have our work cut out for us. Harwood’s book is just as relevant today as it was in 1951 and at less than 100 pages, it is a manifesto for those who are up to the task of standing watch over the well-being of our society.” ~ Ethan Yang


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