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Raymond C. Niles

Individualism Is the Answer

“The slogans and protests and violence all have the effect of pulling us to identify ourselves primarily by our membership in a particular group, not to identify each of us by our own unique, individual identity.” ~ Raymond C. Niles


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Art Carden

The Market Loves You–And Your Little Dog, Too

“It seems pretty clear from our experience getting a dog that the market doesn’t just love us–it loves our dog, too.” ~ Art Carden


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Phillip W. Magness

Racism and the Early History of the American Economic Association

“In order to understand ‘racism and its impact on our profession and our discipline,’ that discussion needs to look inward though at the organization’s own history. Doing so will require a frank, factual, and historically grounded evaluation of the ongoing legacies of formative AEA leaders such as Ely, Commons, and Ross.” ~ Phil Magness


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