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Gary Galles

With Capitalism, Cooperation Is Just as Important as Competition

“Unlike the common condemnation of markets as the antithesis of cooperation, Leonard Read recognized, with Ludwig von Mises, that competitive markets comprise ‘a system of mutual cooperation,’ where ‘the function of competition is to assign to every member of the social system that position in which he can best serve the whole of society and all of its members.'” ~ Gary M. Galles


David Waugh

Seven Deadly Economic Sins: A Review

“Seven Deadly Economic Sins is a must read for the general public, policymakers, and students of economics who wish to gain an understanding, at a philosophical level, of the economic fallacies that continue to circulate in common thought and among certain policymakers, along with a convincing rebuttal of each, placed in the context of why getting it right matters for human progress.” ~ David Waugh


Robert Hughes

Everyday Prices Rise at the Fastest Annual Pace Since 2011

“AIER’s Everyday Price Index posted a sixth straight monthly increase, reflecting a wide range of materials shortages, logistical, supply chain, and labor problems. As these issues are worked out, price pressures are likely to ease.” – Robert Hughes


James Harrigan

Go East, Young Man.

“What matters now is whether California will do anything at all to make it a more palatable possibility for people who would be inclined to live there. If not, we’ll see continued erosion of the tax base, as it is only people who pay taxes who are inclined to leave, and a smaller congressional contingent with each passing census.” ~ James R. Harrigan


Michael Munger

What’s New is Old: The Left Turns Originalist

“The New/Old Antitrust Paradigm would reverse the presumption of legality in mergers and acquisitions, placing the burden of proof on economic actors to want to do…well, almost anything. Any economic restructuring of a business is contingent on obtaining the permission and chop of the appropriate bureaucrats and, incredibly, other ‘stakeholders’ such as competitors and labor organizations.” ~ Michael Munger


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