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Cotswold Cottage at AIER

In the Cotswold Hills north of Bath, England, large manor houses were made from the local oolitic limestone. Cotswold Cottage at AIER in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, built from 1929 to 1931, was intended to be a copy of that Cotswold style, which is why our revered stone house has sometimes been called “Old Cotswold.”


Jeffrey Tucker

Swift vs. Sweep: The Eternal Battle

There’s something about the physical experience of a spot like Cotswold Cottage at the American Institute for Economic Research that connects you to the deep past, in all its tribulations and struggle for progress, but also points to a brilliant future. Sometimes we need experiences like this to cause reflection of where we’ve been and where we are going in the forward motion of time, all while experiencing the truly permanent things, like the never-ending battle between the swifts and the sweeps.


Alexander W. Salter

Monetary Cosmopolitanism: Money as a Network Good

Money is a good that has interesting scaling properties. The more people there are within a given monetary network, the more valuable it is for each person to be a part of that monetary network.


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