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Daniel Mitchell

New Leak of Taxpayer Info Is (More) Evidence of IRS Corruption

“What’s especially disgusting is that the Biden Administration wants to reward IRS corruption with giant budget increases, bolstered by utterly fraudulent numbers. Needless to say, that would be a terrible idea, and sadly, Republicans in the past have been sympathetic to expanding the size of the tax bureaucracy.” ~ Daniel J. Mitchell


Caroline Breashears

Adam Smith Takes Cancel Culture in Hand

“By rejecting the controlling fist, we can accept the prosperity enabled by the invisible hand—Smith’s metaphor for the way in which individuals pursuing their own interests through ethical, mutual exchange leads to the prosperity that was not consciously designed by any intellectual. No person has that much knowledge. In short, it’s time for cancel culture to read some Smith. Instead of ranting on social media, talk to the (Invisible) Hand.” ~ Caroline Breashears


Robert E. Wright

Gerontocracy and Geezernomics

“Most babies born today will (one hopes) live to see at least the opening of the 22nd century. Why should some self-interested geezers with ‘one foot in the grave’ born before the mid-20th century be able to diminish the quality of their lives?” ~ Robert E. Wright


Vincent Geloso

The Super-Rich Are Not Who You Think They Are!

“The work of Scott provides a powerful illustration of the importance of the qualification proposed by defenders of the super-rich. It is not wealth that is problematic, it is wealth generated by muting the forces of the market process (i.e. by rent-seeking). In other words, the policies that produce inequality matter!” ~ Vincent Geloso


Joakim Book

Stinky Stuff Happens, but How Do We Prepare?

“The problem is that we don’t know what disasters are lurking on the horizon, and preparing for all the possible ones we can reasonably foresee is impossible and excessively costly. Even if we somehow managed to, individually or as a society, it still doesn’t guarantee protection against the truly black swans, i.e. the disasters of kinds and magnitudes that nobody could foresee.” ~ Joakim Book


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